About Storypal

🌎 Global Connections + 💛 Lifelong Friendships + ✍️ Authentic Writing Practice

Storypal is an online walled garden for teens (age 11 - 19) and educators.
Storypal makes it easy for parents, teachers and administrators to globalize their educational environment for teenage students, especially for practicing English writing and learning about different cultures. We call ourselves a walled garden because we have created a safe environment for students to interact while parents and teachers are able to monitor their exchange. Since 2020, we have been working with Korean schools and have expanded to teachers and students from Mongolia, India, Indonesia, Switzerland, Vietnam, Kenya, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand, Israel, and Romania.


🐣 Hatch your own albatross and request penpal matches

💌 Exchange letters with new friends

🦐 Comment on lounge cards and earn krill (learn more about krill)

🎁 Discover other things you can do with your krill


✈️ Make the learning environment more global for your students

👀 Easily review students' authentic writing activities

📝 Give contextual writing feedback


👑 Become a verified Storypal hub to verify & support teachers and students using Storypal

📈 Get a unique statistics page for your members' global communication activities

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