🦐 New Krill Coupon Sponsor

Hello, and welcome!

The Krill Coupon Sponsors are the businesses and organizations who are interested in cheering for teachers and students proactively practicing cross-cultural communications. The krill coupon sponsors can make coupons for small or big goods and services that the Storypal members can claim with the krill they earn through the cross-cultural exchange activites on Storypal.

The idea is to expand the real life experience opportunities for Storypal teachers and students while helping the businesses and organizations that have cross-cultural aspects and practicing CSR(Corporate Social Responsibilities) get some exposures.

We cannot share any of the teachers and students account information or show the coupons in advertisement-like manners. Instead, the members are welcome to search coupons and claim them if they want to. Unlike some other coupons, all the coupons you sponsor for the Storypal community cannot come with conditions of required purchases and must be free of charges. Please keep that in mind. Thank you!

*Email Adress Format Only. Example: [email protected]

*English Alphabet and Number only. Example: storypaluser12

*Minimum 5 English Alphabets and Numbers. Example: storypassword123

*Password and Password Confirmation should be matched

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I understand that Storypal is a community platform for educators and partners around the world to collaborate and communicate. I undersand that my account may be deleted any time for the community's safety reasons.