• Who is it for?
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Free to create an account as long as you have a recommender code or invite code!
  • Host
  • Easily invite parter teachers and students
  • Custom match host and guest students with grouping assistant
  • Customize minimum words for writing
  • Get letter counts dashboard for easy exchange monitoring
  • Let students express and experiment further with a group penpal lounge
  • Exhange hosting fee + One time application fee
  • Guest
  • Join exchanges hosted by other teachers and students
  • Customize writing requirements
  • Access penpal lounge
  • Depending on hosts, join contests and win prizes!
  • Create safe and meaningful global connections for students
  • Free OR participation fee charged by hosts

An exchange on Storypal is an online global exchange framework developed by the Storypal team with feedback from teachers and students. It helps members interested in global communication and collaboration share and participate in each other’s projects. Members can introduce a project in an exchange as hosts or support a project as guests of the exchange. Exchanges have clear goals and a set timeline.

By proposing an exchange, the member becomes an exchange owner once their exchange is approved by a Storypal Exchange supporter. An exchange owner can manage the activities of the hosts and guests of the exchange. The Storypal team does its utmost best to monitor the exchanges and keep the community safe and educational; however, the exchange owner is ultimately responsible for guiding exchange contents and activities.

Any active members on Storypal can propose an exchange. An active member means that the member has not been reported by other users or judged by the Storypal team as a threat to the community safety.

Storypal community encourages a variety of projects. To facilitate easier communication between the project hosts and guests, Storypal exchanges are categoried into three groups: classic penpal projects, social cause projects, and creative projects. This gives the community freedom to cover an array of topics that are important to them and more easily find partners.

The exchange owner who creates the exchange originally will pay the hosting fee and the application fee.

Teachers & Parents Flexible Plans
- Student capacity up to 10 : $ 5 / week + $50 one time application fee
- Student capacity up to 50: $20 / week + $50 one time application fee
- Student capacity up to 100: $30 / week + $50 one time application fee
- Student capacity up to 200: $50 / week + $50 one time application fee
- Student capacity up to 300: $60 / week + $50 one time application fee

Schools & Governments Annual Plans*
*The price includes one time application
- Student capacity up to 50: $500 / 6 months | $ 800 / year
- Student capacity up to 100: $600 / 6 months | $1,000 / year
- Student capacity up to 200: $800 / 6 months | $1,200 / year
- Student capacity up to 300: $900 / 6 months | $1,400 / year

- Please email us at support@storypal.co if you need a bigger student capacity For example, if the exchange owner plans to host an exchange for less than 10 penpals for 4 weeks, the hosting fee is $20 ($5 per/week x 4 weeks). The total the exchange owner pays is $70 (hosting fee $20 + application fee $50) not including the tax. If the proposal is rejected the hosting fee $20 is refunded. The application fee $50 is nonrefundable because each application is reviewed by a verified Storypal Exchange Supporter. So please plan and review your draft carefully before you request a review! We highly suggest you find a partner before you apply to publish your exchange. You can use free exchange planner to find teachers and parents similarly interested in creating safe and fun environment for students to make global friends and broaden their world view.

If the exchange proposal is rejected, the hosting fee will be refunded. The application fee $50 is not refundable. We have a designated exchange supporter who reviews each proposal submitted. The application fee enables Storypal to provide the service.

Your proposal should include the following details:

1. Strong welcoming message that includes a good summary of the project
2. Clear outline of exchange timeline and what hosts and guests are expected to do
3. Clear topics and goals

Storypal charges the exchange owner for two reasons. The first is because this helps the community know that the host is serious about their commitment to lead and contribute to the global communication and collaboration. The second is because Storypal approves or rejects exchange proposals with the help of professionals who ensure the contents are appropriate and provide support to the exchange hosts if needed. The Storypal team and community are committed to sharing and delivering valuable global connections and friendships for mutual growth. Proposals are read and edited by the Storypal exchange supporter to ensure both hosts and guests have the best experience on the site.