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🎉 Ms. Eunhye Park's students have written 136 letters and received 116 letters from 8 countries.

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STORYPAL, unforgettable, precious experiences for my students  :-)

High school students in Korea have lots of responsibilities and they struggle to survive in this competition trying to DO BETTER. I wanted them to spend some time having a chat with people from different background, forgetting their to-do list. The conversation in Storypal would be full of unexpected stories. Definitely different from the one with their friends at school! My students searched where Zambia is located, what kind of food the Nepalese eat often, and when Swedish schools start the new semester ... and that's how their learning began. They were learning because they were curious about their pen pals, not because they wanted to get better grades or win in the academic competition. English was used for smooth communication, not for grade A+ at an exam. For them, Storypal was a rest area where they could communicate with different people forgetting about the academic burden for a while. Yes, MY STUDENTS WERE HAPPY learning new things, broadening their perspectives. Hopefully, more and more students have a chance to write on a number of interesting topics with people all over the world! Storypal, for sure, will bring unforgettable memories in school days!