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Mn Ms. Ankhiluun Davaa


🎉 Ms. Ankhiluun Davaa's students have written 385 letters and received 423 letters from 8 countries.

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I'm very glad to share what we have done in 2020. We had 130 students from Mongolia participate in Storypal. I have seen through this project, two things. First one is that students improve their writing skills, and they also learn from each other through the letters. Secondly, I have seen that my students got excited about learning something cross-cultural. Mongolian students are very fond of watching Korean movies, dramas, and the k-pop bands. It was a great experience. I'm really eager to have this project continue again and again.

My future hope for the project is about expanding the relationship the students build through online to offline. Those who participated in writing letters, as a next step, they could participate in offline exchange. Korean students can come to Mongolia and our Mongolian students can go to Korea to meet their friends they communicated through the Storypal.