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Storypal is a global team dedicated to building an awesome cross-cultural education collaboration hub that empowers global friendship, citizenship and leadership.

Meet the Team

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Ne Musa Dan Karami

Hi there! My name is Musa Dan Karami. I am from Niger and I currently live and work in South Korea. I help teachers around the world who help broadening the worldview of students. I love connecting with people, traveling, cooking and my favorite quote is "Imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert E.

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Kr Heehwa Choi

Hello! I am happy to see you on Storypal. I am originally from Busan, South Korea and love meeting people from different parts of the world. I think we are all quite similar but definitely with different cultures and values that we are accustomed to. I believe teachers are very important to students because they can greatly impact the students' lives. The more technology develops, the more role the teachers can play as value-shapers, coaches and opportunity creators. I look forward to connecting with many amazing teachers and students.

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Kr Kim Gyuri

Brand & UIUX Designer

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Kr Miyoung Jang

Advisor, Software Architect


Us Sumbal Shaffi

Co-founder/COO, Storypal

Hey guys! I am Sumbal, and I like to make sure everyone is having a safe, fun, and happy time on the Storypal site. I love interacting with users/potential users and hearing their stories. I am currently living in Northern California where I go to school and do research. When I am not working on Stoypal or attending school, I like to explore new places and travel as much as I can.  See you on the site!