1st Storypal Art & Writing Contest



About the contest

We are looking for talented students to create fun seasonal postcard designs with cultural themes. 


Design Rules

1) No chatGPT or any AI-based work! Please submit your own creative work. 

2) You can make a design completely on your own or use Storypal characters. For example, you could give seasonal 

clothes to the characters or have them featured eating traditional food or traveling to special places. These are basic

ideas. Please show your creativity and artistic side 😀 Please find more information about the Storypal characters here: 


3) To qualify, please submit your design image with English writing explaining your creative work.

 The length should be at least 100 words and no longer than 800 words.

4) Try to pick a occasional theme for your design in addition to the cultural exchange theme. 

EX) holidays, birthday, appreciation, entertainment, interests etc. 



Who can participate:

Any teenagers around the world. 



How to submit:

– If you are already a member here on Storypal, submit your content by creating a card on https://app.storypal.co/lounge/project/19 

– If you are not a member on Storypal, please submit your content here: https://forms.gle/ZBUZBkRtyEpr3psy6

  We may ask for identify verification information in the future if needed. 



Start: 00:00 AM KST, October 10, 2023 

Deadline: 11 PM KST, December 12, 2023 


Announcement of winners: Within 10 days after the deadline.



How many people can win the scholarship:

Minimum 10 competitors. We may select more winners if we get sponsors but this is not guaranteed. 



How the gift card will be delivered:

Depending on the nationality of the competitor, it will be different. For example, for competitors in Korea, we will send 

도서문화상품권. For other competitors, we will send Amazon Gift Cards or other gift cards functional in the winner’s country.



Important notice regarding intellectual property rights and usage of the submitted content:

By submitting your work, you are agreeing to give rights to Storypal to use your content for both non-commercial and 

commercial purposes in both original and modified forms. You are also agreeing to give rights to Storypal to make 

secondary and derivative content and products using your content. You maintain the right to use your own work and 

the right to give the third party the same rights. 



Important notice regarding personal information:

Personal information you provide in order to participate in the contest will be used to identify the participant’s identity 

and contact the participants in order to facilitate the contest. Storypal may share your information with third-party 

sponsors for the same purpose of facilitating the contest. Storypal will not share your information with other third 

parties without your permission. By submitting your content, you are agreeing to the above terms. 


Legal Terms:

By submitting your art piece you are agreeing to donate the intellectual property right to Storypal including the right to generate derivative content and use both original and derivative content for both non-commercial and commercial purposes.