Who is Storypal for?

Storypal is a gamified educational community platform designed for schools to foster global friendship, citizenship, and leadership.

Storypal community empowers schools to lead students in engaging in safe, enjoyable, and educational conversations with peers from around the world.

✅ Schools with sister schools: Easily match sister school students as buddies for online and future offline homestay exchanges. Collaborate with sister schools more closely and widely across the whole school for project-based learning assignments in classrooms and clubs.

Schools without a sister school: Find like-minded teachers and students and jumpstart global class projects without spending hours looking for partners. 

Create a project-based learning curriculum from the scratch or using the project template library.



Get statistics on the student's vocabulary usage.

Easily compile the group's project work and download as a pdf.

Enable students to make international friends in a safe and supported learning environment.

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